Month: April 2002

WCHR-FM becomes “105.7 The Hawk”

After years of planning, the 105.7 frequency took to the airwaves in Manahawkin, NJ for the first time in March of 2002. For its first month of existence, WCHR-FM simulcasted sister CHR “B98.5” WBBO. The long running plan was for a Classic Rock station to occupy the frequency. Back in 1999, when the station was originally slated to debut, a number of billboards went up proclaiming “Bruce is Coming” with a hawk playing a guitar. The Bruce reference was for local idol Bruce Springsteen. The station’s website was even fully designed. However, the owners had been building the station’s antenna without proper FCC approval. Getting back on track took some time, prolonging the launch. On April 15, 2002, 105.7 finally debuted its Hawk format similar to ones laun...

104.9 WWLS-FM becomes K-Bull 104.9

WWLS-FM (WWLS The Sports Animal) becomes Country K-Bull 104.9 (now KQBL). The sports format continues at WWLS-AM 640 and KLGH-FM 105.3 (which began simulcasting The Sports Animal on April 1) It was pretty anti-climatic. A commercial was interrupted on 104.9 then the new Legal fired up. K-Bull has begin a war with Hot Country KTST (101.9 The Twister). Each station now claims to playing 31-in-a-row. Many thanks to for contributing this switchover, logos, and summary .

105.3 KLGH begins simulcasting 640 WWLS

Citadel Broadcasting’s “The Sports Animal” (WWLS 640) began to simulcast its Sports-Talk format on KLGH 105.3. The station’s current FM simulcast, WWLS-FM 104.9, while still simulcasting WWLS at the moment, would flip to country a few days later. Though the dial position of the FM simulcast is changing, the station continues to broadcast on WWLS 640. Until this week, KLGH was a Contemporary Christian station. Citadel had agreed to purchase the it from Kingfisher County Broadcasting for $3.1 million. KLGH’s metro coverage is significantly less than that of WWLS-FM, as the 105.3 signal only reaches the northwestern suburbs of Oklahoma City. This signal, however, fills a hole in WWLS 640’s directional antenna pattern that WWLS-FM could not. Listeners in dow...