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Eleven Memorable Format Changes Of 2011

With 2011 in the books, let’s look back at some of the best format changes of the year. To preface, these selections are based on the productions that led up to and/or came out of each change and not the actual formats. Let’s look back in chronological order at our choices. Birth of 106.5 The Lake Cleveland On January 3, 106.5 WMVX Cleveland debuted its new Variety Hits format as “The Lake” following a long stunt period of Christmas music and then teasing the new format with a broad stunt that played into the new format’s “We Play Anything” tagline. Frankie Yankovic wasn’t heard after the stunt ended, but the station kicked off with a song that tied into the market and never looked back. 96.5 The Mountain Chattanooga Rebrands as Hits 96 WDOD-...