80s Hits

KOSF Becomes iHeart80s 103.7

Previous Format: Classic Hits “Big 103.7” New Format: 80s Hits “iHeart80s 103.7” Date & Time Of Change: June 6, 2016 at 12:00pm More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

KRKE Becomes The 80s Channel

Previous Format: Classic Hits “Kool 94.5” New Format: 80s Hits “The 80s Channel” Date & Time Of Change: May 12, 2014 at 12:00pm More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by KM Richards

KMXD Goes All 80s

Previous Format: Hot AC “Mix 100.3” KMXD New Format: 80s Hits “Mix 100.3” Date & Time Of Change: December 8, 2000 More Info: Wikipedia

92.5 The Canyon Goes In Rewind

Previous Format: Hot AC “92.5 & 104.1 The Canyon” New Format: 80s Hits “Rewind 92.5 & 104.1” Date & Time Of Change: January 20, 2012 at 9:25am More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

Hot 101.5 Debuts

Previous Format: 80s Hits “101.5 The Point” New Format: CHR “Hot 101.5” Date & Time Of Change: July 1, 2011 at 11:00am More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

102.9 The Point Becomes X102.9

As one of the last All-80’s stations in the country 102.9 The Point became a victim of cluster programming. Sister station WJGL’s “96.9 The Eagle” 70’s and 80’s based Classic Hits format was stepping on its toes and not giving The Point much room to thrive. By flipping to Modern Rock, X102.9 is able to flank sister WFYV “Rock 105” from Clear Channel’s Modern Rock WPLA “107.3 The Planet”. The Point went out with the same song that had launched it in nine years earlier: Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me”. System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” ushered in X102.9’s life. Thanks to Dan Rubin for submitting this aircheck.

KCTY Becomes Retro 106.9

Previous Format: Alternative “106.9 The City” KCTY New Format: 80s Hits “Retro 106.9” Date & Time Of Change: March 12, 2004 at 3:00pm More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: KQKQ Relaunches As Q98Five Aircheck Contributed by NebraskaRadio.com

WMAX Becomes Real Radio 105.3

Previous Format: 80s Hits “105.3 The Max” New Format: Hot Talk “Real Radio 105.3” Date & Time Of Change: January 30, 2004 More Info: Wikipedia

“104.1 The Mall” WMLL flips from 80’s to Standards “Red 104.1” WRDA

Summary by Mike Batchelor. WMLL flipped to a format of “New Standards” on 1/8/04, after a week of stunting with a “Wheel of Music” playing cuts from many different formats. Previous to the “wheel,” 104.1 stunted with Christmas music throughout the holiday season starting on November 1, 2003. WMLL “The Mall,” started in 2000 as an All 80s format. Gradually, WMLL morphed into a Hot AC format playing 80s & 90s pop, with no currents, with Steve & DC in the Morning. The station languished near the bottom of the ratings heap for its entire three year existence, despite having a high dollar, marquee morning show that once dominated the market.

105.3 The Max Moves In

Previous Format: Country “Y105.5” WYAI Carrollton, GA New Format: 80s Hits “105.3 The Max” WMAX Bowdon, GA (Move In To Atlanta Market) Date & Time Of Change: February 18, 2002 More Info: Wikipedia

103.1 WXXY becomes Viva 103.1

The Chicago division of Big City Radio offered some of the more interesting programming on the Windy City’s radio dial. However, three times, a format they debuted on one of their sets of suburban frequencies (103.1 or 92.7/92.5) ended up being copied and presented in a different form on a full signal in the market. WXXY and WYXX brought the “Jammin’ Oldies” format to Chicago, but AMFM (now Clear Channel) decided to debut its own “Jammin Oldies” on the powerful 103.5 FM. This led to the debut of “The 80’s Channel, 103.1 WXXY” on the 103.1 duo, in August 1999. Many considered The 80’s Channel to be the best-implemented version of the all-1980’s format, not only because of its willingness to play diffferent styles of 80’...

96.5 WWDB flips from News/Talk to All 80’s “The Point”

One day before Election Day, a huge day for a Talk station, WWDB-FM America’s first Talk station on FM abandoned the format. Sinking ratings caused by the loss of the syndicated Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh to upstart 1210 WPHT as well as the many reimaging and refocusing WWDB went through in its final years helped lead to its demise. Around 9:00am the station began stunting with an automated voice counting down to 1. When the station debuted at 5:00, they did so by airing all of the station’s sweepers prior to the first song “Don’t You Forget About Me” from Simple Minds.

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