102.5 WCRB Becomes Country WKLB

Previous Format: Classical “102.5 WCRB” New Format: Country “Country 102.5” Date & Time Of Change: More Info: Northeast Radio Watch, Wikipedia Related Changes: 99.5 WKLB Becomes Classical WCRB

“Z104” WWZZ Signs-Off

On 12:00pm on January 4, 2006 Bonneville Radio announced a shuffling of its Washington, D.C stations. News WTOP moved from its 1500/104.3/107.7 simulcast to 103.5. Classical WGMS moved from 103.5 to the 104.1/103.9 simulcast that had been the home of Adult CHR Z104. This was to pave way for the March debut of Washington Post Radio on the 1500/104.3/107.7 simulcast that had been home to WTOP. Z104 had been through a number of iterations in its 9+ year history. First was the pure CHR format in the mid to late 90’s. It’s evolution to a more adult sound lead to the station dropping the Z from its name for a few years in favor of “More Music 104” before returning to the Z104 name. Listen here as Z104 plays its final song, gives its last ID, and GM Joel Oxley announces wh...

WTMI Becomes Party 93.1

Previous Format: Classical WTMI New Format: Dance “Party 93.1” WPYM Date & Time Of Change: December 31, 2001 at 12:00pm More Info: Wikipedia

95.5 WCLV moves to 104.9

What may go down in history as the most complex programming swap took place in Cleveland at the stroke of midnight on July 3, 2001. Triggered by a three way ownership swap involving Radio Seaway, Salem Communications, and Clear Channel the changes went down as follows: 1420 WHK Cleveland and 98.1 WHK-FM Canton’s programming moved to 50kw 1220 in Cleveland. 1220 WKNR Cleveland’s sports programming moved to 850 in Cleveland. 850 WRMR’s Cleveland’s Standards programming moved to 1420 Cleveland as WCLV. 96.5 WKDD Akron moved to 98.1 in Canton. 104.9 WAKS “Kiss-FM” moved to 96.5 in Akron with a new tower covering the entire Cleveland metro. 95.5 WCLV Cleveland’s Classical programming moved to 104.9 Lorain as WCLV-FM 95.5 debuted a new Contemporary Chris...

96.9 WNIZ Begins Simulcasting 101.9 WTMX

Previous Format: Classical Simulcasting 97.1 WNIB New Format: Hot AC Simulcasting 101.9 WTMX Date & Time Of Change: February 11, 2001 More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Jeremy Andrews

105.1 WQRS flips from Classical to Modern Rock “The Edge”

A longtime Classical Music outlet, WQRS felt the impact of radio deregulation in the mid-1990’s. Eventually coming under the control of Greater Media Broadcasting, the station did not bill as much as ownership would have liked. Following the trend of sister station WFLN in Philadelphia, which dropped Classical two months earlier, WQRS made one of the most drastic musical segues to launch “The Edge @ 105.1”. Midway through a classical piece, Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” took over. In an over rocked market, The Edge had difficulty finding a niche in the market leading to a flip to Rhythmic Oldies in 1999.

WFLN becomes Modern AC “Max 95.7”

After 40 years of service as Philadelphia’s Classical Music station, frequent ownership changes in the mid-1990’s and developing business trends led to the demise of 95.7 WFLN. Greater Media Broadcasting donated the WFLN music library to Temple University’s 90.1 WRTI. With Q102 leaning Rhythmic, the Modern AC format of Max was thought to fill a niche between Alternative Y100 and WIOQ. However, it took almost 6 months for Max to put together an airstaff and ratings were never able to get much higher than a 2.3 share. In May of 1999, as ratings were beginning to turn the corner after the addition of the Barsky Show in mornings, Greater Media pulled the plug on Max in order to beat AMFM to the punch with Rhythmic Oldies.

Z92.5 KZDG Becomes Classical KVOD

Previous Format: Country “Z92.5” KZDG New Format: Classical KVOD Date & Time Of Change: March 13, 1996 More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: 99.5 KVOD Becomes Classic Rock The Hawk

99.5 KVOD Becomes Classic Rock The Hawk

Previous Format: Classical KVOD New Format: Classic Rock “99.5 The Hawk” KKHK Date & Time Of Change: March 13, 1996 More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: Z92.5 KZDG Becomes Classical KVOD

104.3 WNCN flips from Classical to Active Rock WAXQ “Q104.3”

Previous Format: Classical WNCN New Format: Active Rock “Q104.3” WAXQ Date & Time Of Change: December 18, 1993 at 12:00am More Info: Wikipedia, New York Daily News Related Changes: 104.3 WNCN New York Becomes Rock WQIV Being one of three Classical Music stations in the New York market in a time when radio is more and more reliant on being a revenue generator for the owner spelled doom for WNCN. Once the flagship for the Concert Network, which distributed classic programming to station throughout the Northeast ( including WBCN Boston, WRCN Riverhead, and WHCN Hartford), the station had actually made the same flip 20 years earlier. Among protest from its former listeners, “Q104” WQIV dropped its Progressive Rock format in 1974 after just a few weeks to return to ...

KFAC Signs-Off

Previous Format: Classical KFAC New Format: Rhythmic AC “92.3 The Beat” KKBT Date & Time Of Change: September 20, 1989 at 2:00pm More Info: Wikipedia

104.3 WNCN New York Becomes Rock WQIV

Previous Format: Classical New Format: Progressive Rock Date & Time Of Change: 11/7/1974 11:00am More Info:, Wikipedia, and Youtube Thank You To Robert Resnick For Contributing This Aircheck

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