NineFM Signs-Off

Previous Format: Variety Hits “Nine-FM” 92.5 WDEK/92.7 WKIE/99.9 WRZA New Format: Progressive Talk 820 WCPT/92.5 WCPY/92.7 WCPT-FM/99.9 WCPQ Date & Time Of Change: October 20, 2008 More Info: Wikipedia PlayStop

92.7 WKIE & 92.5 WDEK begins simulcasting “Nine-FM” WRZA

Previous Format: Spanish CHR New Format: Variety Hits Date & Time Of Change: November 22, 2004 at 9:00am More Info: Wikipedia PlayStop

WRZA Becomes Nine-FM

Previous Format: Regional Mexican “La Raza 99.9” New Format: Variety Hits “99.9 Nine-FM” Date & Time Of Change: June 15, 2004 More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Jeremy Andrews PlayStop