WRDA Becomes Hot 104.1

Previous Format: Standards “Red 104.1” WRDA New Format: Urban “Hot 104.1” WHHL Date & Time Of Change: October 1, 2005 at 12:00am More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: “104.1 The Mall” WMLL flips from 80?s to Standards “Red 104.1? WRDA

“104.1 The Mall” WMLL flips from 80’s to Standards “Red 104.1″ WRDA

Summary by Mike Batchelor. WMLL flipped to a format of “New Standards” on 1/8/04, after a week of stunting with a “Wheel of Music” playing cuts from many different formats. Previous to the “wheel,” 104.1 stunted with Christmas music throughout the holiday season starting on November 1, 2003. WMLL “The Mall,” started in 2000 as […]