WBCN Signs Off

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  1. Mark Schultz · June 11, 2012 Reply

    As of August 2009 WBCN did sign off at 104.1, however it still exists as 2 stations on the web and HD radio in Boston. 104.1 was assigned to WBMX.

    WBCN Free Form Rock at 100.7 HD-3 captures the orignal spirit of one of America’s best radio stations(1968 – 1990) with a mix of music unmatched anywhere. From the 1950’s to current bands. One of the few HD stations to feature LIVE DJ’s every weekday. Live hours are currently around 22 – 29 per week, the rest of the time is “Mitch”, the computer with a wide range of selctions. Totally interactive via Facebook when live (access via WBCN facebook page.
    Listen at: http://tinyurl.com/WBCN-FreeForm. Twitter: #WBCNFreeForm. Phone app. Radio.com

    The Rock of Boston: at 98.5 HD-2. Fully robotic, harder edge music from the 1990’s to present. Access via wbcn.com using “The Rock of Boston Logo”.

    WBCN is not gone. WBCN Free Form Rock is building audience and excitement.

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