Kansas City

710 WHB flips from Oldies to Country/Farm

WHB, the only full-market locally owned AM in the Kansas City market, has had a large history of being a successful station. After 71 years as one of the Midwest’s best known AM stations, WHB was sold to the owners of KMZU/Carrolton, MO and flipped from Oldies to Country/Farm Talk. Jim Rice hosted the last hours of the old WHB, which included an ad for KCMO “Oldies 95”.

KXXR moves from 106.5 to 107.3

CHR KXXR 106.5 was set to change formats to country, but decided to stay around, via LMA with KCFM 107.3. The station moved to 107.3, where it lasted two years, first as “107.3 KXXR”, then “107.3 Kiss-FM”. In 1996, KISF changed to modern rock as KNRX, and then KNRX became Rhythmic Oldies in 1999

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