WHYT Becomes Hot Hits 96.3

Previous Format: Beautiful Music WJR-FM New Format: CHR “Hot Hits 96.3” WHYT Date & Time Of Change: September 15, 1982 at 5:00pm More Info: Wikipedia

96X Miami Loses Its License

Previous Format: Top 40 “96X” 96.3 WMJX New Format: Frequency Revived As WCJX in 1985 Date & Time Of Change: February 15, 1981 at 12:03am More Info: Wikipedia, Alydar

KHJ Goes Country

Previous Format: CHR “93 KHJ” New Format: Country “93 KHJ” Date & Time Of Change: November 7, 1980 at 9:00pm More Info: SoCal Radio History, Wikipedia

WLS Advertises on WCFL

Previous Format: CHR New Format: Beautiful Music Date & Time Of Change: March 15, 1976 More Info: Wikipedia, RadioTimeline This clip is not the actual format change, but rather a commercial for WLS to promote the station to soon to be displaced WCFL listeners.

102.7 KKDJ Becomes KIIS-FM

Previous Format: Top 40 New Format: AC Date & Time Of Change: October 22, 1975 at 6:00am More Info: SoCal Radio History Aircheck contributed by Steve Worth


Previous Format: Top 40 KBLA New Format: Country KBBQ Date & Time Of Change: June 16, 1967 at 12:00am More Info: Wikipedia, SoCal Radio History