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WMAX Becomes Viva 105.3

Previous Format: Hot Talk “Real Radio 105.3” WMAX New Format: Spanish CHR “Viva 105.3” WWVA-FM Date & Time Of Change: September 15, 2004 at 10:00am More Info: Wikipedia

92.3 K-Rock WXRK becomes Free-FM WFNY-FM

Previous Format: Rock “92.3 K-Rock” WXRK New Format: Hot Talk “92.3 Free-FM” WFNY-FM Date & Time Of Change: January 3, 2006 at 6:00am More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia When Howard Stern announced his departure from terrestrial radio in late 2004, then-Infinity Broadcasting was left with a year to put together plans for replacements. In October, they announced a new initiative called Free-FM, branding all of its FM Talk stations under that name and included 4 different shows replacing Stern in various markets. Infinity also announced they would be flipping additional stations to the format including K-Rock in New York. K-Rock, which was New York’s only source for current Rock music, had only earlier in the year refocused from Alternative to Mainstream Rock in a...

KYNG Becomes The Talk That Rocks

Previous Format: Country “Young Country 105.3” New Format: Hot Talk/Active Rock “105.3 The Talk That Rocks” Date & Time Of Change: March 10, 2000 More Info: Wikipedia, DFW Radio History

“FM Talk 97.1” KLSX Los Angeles Becomes Amp Radio

There was no one reason that led to the demise of FM Talk on 97.1 KLSX Los Angeles after 13 years. The departure of Howard Stern to Sirius in 2005 led to the national “Free-FM” experiment bringing in a restructuring that brought in Adam Carolla. The PPM ratings system changed the way stations recorded listeners. But it was commercial radio’s attempt to save money that eventually led to the demise of the format. At 5:00pm on February 20, 2009 KLSX gave way to “Amp Radio”, a CHR presentation that had been airing on the HD2 signal of sister 93.1 KCBS-FM. Unlike most format changes in recent years, the staff of KLSX was given notice ahead of time and allowed to do farewell shows on their way out.

WCKG Becomes Fresh 105.9

With the return of Dan Mason to the head of CBS’ Radio division it soon became apparent that the company’s FM Talkers were in danger. The “Free-FM” brand was dropped and the format was dropped in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Phoenix, San Diego, and Pittsburgh. In early October 2007, rumors began swirling that the Chicago outlet would soon change. Speculation ran from Rock to Spanish but kept coming back to the “Fresh” AC brand. On October 30 it was officially announced that the station would be changing formats. Afternoon host Steve Dahl was the only survivor as his show would be moved to morning drive on sister “104.3 Jack-FM” WJMK. Outside of Dahl’s show, the station went into stunt mode with Best-Of clips from Dahl’s 11 yea...

B94 Returns

Previous Format: Talk “93.7 The Zone” WTZN New Format: CHR “B94” WBZW Date & Time Of Change: October 5, 2007 at 5:00pm More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

97.1 Free FM Becomes 97.1 The Ticket

Previous Format: FM Talk “Live 97.1 Free-FM” WKRK New Format: Sports “97.1 The Ticket” WXYT-FM Date & Time Of Change: October 1, 2007 at 3:00pm More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia Related Changes: Aircheck Contributed by

94.1 WYSP Returns To Rock From Talk

Previous Format: Talk New Format: Classic Rock Date & Time Of Change: 9/13/2007 5:00pm More Info: Story

“Free-FM” KZON becomes Rhythmic CHR “101.5 Jamz”

With the Memorial Day weekend flip of WFNY New York back to Rock and the relaunch of KFRC in San Francisco, the new management of CBS Radio made it clear that the “Free-FM” network of talk stations would not be long for the world. While many of the stations simply drop the Free-FM branding, speculation built that others would drop the format altogether. At 5:00pm on June 21, 2007 the Tom Leykis show was “taken over” by intern Renaldo proclaiming the station as “Free Paris” playing Paris Hilton’s music with attempts to get her released from jail early. The stunt lasted until 5:00pm the next day when Renaldo’s major announcement was the launch of “101.5 Jamz”. The Rhythmic CHR format was positioned between Clear Channel’s 104....

92.3 Free-FM WFNY Reverts To K-Rock

” Nappy Headed **** ” Three words that shook the number one radio market and the industry as a whole. We all know about Don Imus’ misguided comments and the uproar it caused. The trickle down effect would directly lead to this and other format changes across the country including WSBG Stroudsburg and KIFR San Francisco as stations dealt with how to handle so-called “shock jocks” or others who were caught for saying supposedly offensive comments. CBS Radio was most directly caught in the crosshairs of the Imus/Shock Jock issue. They were still looking to replace Imus on WFAN while having to deal with multiple issues at WFNY. Midday hosts JV and Elvis were let go for a bit taken offense to by Asian groups. Morning hosts Opie and Anthony were suspended for a mont...

100.7 KQBZ becomes “The Wolf” KKWF

The departure of Howard Stern from terrestrial radio set off a chain reaction throughout the radio industry. Even stations that didn’t air Stern felt the fallout. When the morning show opening on sister station 99.9 KISW was given to KQBZ middayer B.J. Shea, the remainder of the two stations programming was merged. KQBZ night show “The Men’s Room” moved to afternoon drive on the rock station, while the syndicated Tom Leykis headed from afternoon drive on The Buzz to late nights on KISW. The new Country station, patterned after sister station KWJJ in Portland, OR, was designed in part to knock Infinity’s KMPS from the top spot in the Seattle ratings in addition to boosting KISW back to its former level as Seattle’s #1 Rock station. Aircheck courtesy of Mi...

WMAX Becomes Real Radio 105.3

Previous Format: 80s Hits “105.3 The Max” New Format: Hot Talk “Real Radio 105.3” Date & Time Of Change: January 30, 2004 More Info: Wikipedia

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