Rhythmic Oldies

KHHT Becomes Real 92.3

Previous Format: Rhythmic Oldies “Hot 92.3” KHHT New Format: Urban “Real 92.3” Date & Time Of Change: February 6, 2015 at 9:23am More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

WZTI Becomes The Party

Previous Format: Standards “1290 Martini Radio” (Stunting As “100.3 The Elf“) New Format: Rhythmic Oldies “The Party 1290/100.3” Date & Time Of Change: December 25, 2014 at 5:00pm More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

WVVE Launches Groove 100.1

Previous Format: Hot AC “V100” New Format: Rhythmic Oldies “Groove 100.1” Date & Time Of Change: April 17, 2014 at 10:00am More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Andrew Hodges

Rock 103.5 Goes Jammin Oldies

Previous Format: Active Rock “Rock 103.5” WRCX New Format: Rhythmic Oldies “The New 103.5” (eventually “103.5 The Beat” WUBT) Date & Time Of Change: November 3, 1998 at 5:00pm More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: “103.5 The Beat” flips from Rhythmic Oldies to CHR “Kiss-FM”

95.7 Kiss-FM San Diego Launches

Previous Format: News/Talk 95.7 KOGO-FM (Stunting as “Holiday 95.7“) New Format: Rhythmic Oldies “95.7 Kiss-FM” Date & Time Of Change: December 26, 2012 at 9:57am More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

KYOT Becomes Eva 95.5

Previous Format: Smooth Jazz “95.5 The Coyote” New Format: Rhythmic AC “Eva 95.5” Date & Time Of Change: August 31, 2011 at 5:00pm More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

Quick 96 Becomes Superhits 95.7 KJR-FM

Previous Format: Stunting New Format: Classic Hits Date & Time Of Change: May 31, 2002 at 5:00pm More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: 95.7 The Beat Begins Stunting As “Quick 96”

KBTB 95.7 The Beat Begins Stunting As “Quick 96”

Previous Format: Rhythmic Oldies New Format: Stunting Date & Time Of Change: May 29, 2002 at 6:00pm More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: Quick 96 Becomes 95.7 KJR-FM

The Groove Magically Changes

Previous Format: Rhythmic Oldies “105.1 The Groove” WGRV New Format: AC “Magic 105.1” WMGC Date & Time Of Change: June 30, 2001 at 9:00am More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Brandon Knoll

“Arizona Jamz” KAJM relaunches as “Mega 104.3 & 99.3”

For as long as many people can remember, 104.3 FM-Payson, AZ and its translators across northern and central Arizona (including 99.3 FM in the metro Phoenix area) had consistently been the home of poorly programmed and executed radio. Some of the attempts in the 90’s included Country (despite the presence of the powerful KNIX and KMLE in Phoenix), a bizarre AOR/Modern Rock/CHR format called “The Blaze”, a simulcast of CHR/Rhythmic KBZR-Coolidge (later KPTY-Gilbert), a return of the “Blaze” format (under the new name “CD Rock”), Traditional Oldies as “K-Best”, and an incredibly unfocused 60’s-90’s Rhythmic Oldies format, under the name “Arizona Jamz”, featuring (among other oddities) sweepers with “Beavis an...

Rhythmic Oldies “Z93.7” WZMX becomes Urban “Hot 93.7”

The 93.7 frequency in Hartford has bounced around many formats. In the mid to late 90s, it was Classic Rock 93.7. In 1999, when everyone was changing to rhythmic oldies, 93.7 kept it’s WZMX calls and became “Dancin’ Oldies 93.7.” The format, like in most markets played out for a few years, never achieving much in the way of ratings after its initial splash. Finally, Infinity decided to make the switch and take the underperforming 93.7 in a new direction. What was created, again under the WZMX calls, was the All-New Hot 93.7, Blazing Hip Hop. The station immediately soared to the top of the ratings in both Hartford and neighboring Springfield, MA, where it continues to sit today. Most recently Clear Channel has decided to mount a challenge, flipping Alternative WMRQ ...

“103.5 The Beat” flips from Rhythmic Oldies to CHR “Kiss-FM”

Upon completion of the Clear Channel/AMFM merger, many expected Clear Channel to launch a CHR/Pop outlet right away. After all, Chicago was one of the few markets remaining that lacked a full-signaled Top 40 outlet. Plus, in the early 90’s, Clear Channel C.E.O. Randy Michaels was involved with WYTZ 94.7 FM (“Z-95”, later “Hell 94-7”, and after that, “Hot 94-7”) — a station which was designed to dethrone CBS-owned CHR/Rhythmic outlet WBBM 96.3 FM “B-96”. But Michaels’ first attempt was a failure, and so it seemed logical to believe that he was ready to compete with B-96 again. As months began to pass, with no format changes, rumors began heating up and they centered around either AC WLIT 93.9 FM or Rhythmic Oldies WUBT 103.5 ...

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