KRWP Becomes Rock 97.5 KIOL

Previous Format: Urban “Power 97.5” KRWP New Format: Rock “Rock 97.5” KIOL Date & Time Of Change: January 27, 2004 at 12:00pm More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: Power 97.5 KRWP Launches Aircheck Contributed by John Fernandez

100.5 WCMS Flips From Classic Country to Rock “Max 100.5”

After more than 40 years of country music on 100.5 WCMS (and previously 1050), the format was dropped on November 28, 2003 around 11:30PM for Mainstream Rock. The first song was AC/DC’s “Shook Me All Night Long.” Aircheck Contributed By Bob Corbin of

WSHE Becomes 103.5 Planet Radio

Previous Format: Rock “She 103” WSHE New Format: Modern AC “The New 103.5” (Would become “103.5 Planet Radio” WPLL later in 1996) Date & Time Of Change: May 2, 1996 at 1:03pm More Info: Sun Sentinel, Wikipedia

KMET Becomes Smooth Jazz 94.7 The Wave KTWV

Previous Format: Rock “94.7 KMET” New Format: Smooth Jazz “94.7 The Wave” Date & Time Of Change: February 14, 1987 at 12:00pm More Info: Wikipedia, 94.7 The Wave

106.1 KMEL Goes CHR

Previous Format: Rock “Camel 106.1” New Format: CHR “All Hit 106” Date & Time Of Change: August 25, 1984 at 12pm More Info: Wikipedia

97.3 KCBS-FM Becomes The Rocker KRQR

Previous Format: Adult Rock “97.3 CBS-FM” KCBS-FM New Format: Rock “97.3 The Rocker” KRQR Date & Time Of Change: January 25, 1982 at 12:00am More Info: Wikipedia

KICT Becomes T95

Previous Format: Country “95 Country” New Format: Rock “T95” Date & Time Of Change: January 24, 1979 More Info: KICT, Wikipedia

104.3 WNCN New York Becomes Rock WQIV

Previous Format: Classical New Format: Progressive Rock Date & Time Of Change: 11/7/1974 11:00am More Info:, Wikipedia, and Youtube Thank You To Robert Resnick For Contributing This Aircheck

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