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104.3 WNCN flips from Classical to Active Rock WAXQ “Q104.3”

Classical 104.3 WNCN New York Pure Rock Q104.3 WAXQ New York Trent Tyler Christine Nagy Heidi Hess Razz Vinny Marino

Previous Format: Classical WNCN
New Format: Active Rock “Q104.3” WAXQ
Date & Time Of Change: December 18, 1993 at 12:00am
More Info: Wikipedia, New York Daily News

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Being one of three Classical Music stations in the New York market in a time when radio is more and more reliant on being a revenue generator for the owner spelled doom for WNCN. Once the flagship for the Concert Network, which distributed classic programming to station throughout the Northeast ( including WBCN Boston, WRCN Riverhead, and WHCN Hartford), the station had actually made the same flip 20 years earlier. Among protest from its former listeners, “Q104” WQIV dropped its Progressive Rock format in 1974 after just a few weeks to return to the WNCN Classical programming. This time the change was made to a very Hard leaning Rock format with the WAXQ call letters.


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