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Atlantic City

104.9 WEMG-FM Begins Stunting

In Late March 2003, Mega Communications, which had attempted to target the growing Hispanic audience in Philadelphia with a pair of AM stations and a rimshot FM sold the FM to Nassau Broadcasting for $16 Million. The former WRDR’s sale, which has a large coverage area of Southern New Jersey, was legally contested by Millennium Radio Group which had previously purchased Nassau’s Monmouth/Ocean group. As a result, a loop redirecting 104.9’s listeners to sister 1310 AM continued on in virtual perpetuity.

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  1. i can’t translate the stunt loop. can’t anybody help me translate it for me


  2. “WEMG-FM; Egg Harbor, NJ. To continue listening to the Mega station in Camden, NJ, and Philadelphia, tune your radio to 1310 AM.”


  3. Dose anyone have the SoJo flip?


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