1050 WMGM Becomes WHN

1050 WHN WMGM New York Peter Brown Top 40 1962

Previous Format: Top 40 “1050 WMGM”
New Format: Middle Of The Road “1050 WHN”
Date & Time Of Change: February 28, 1962 at 5:30pm
More Info: Wikipedia, Las-Solanas

Aircheck Via: WCPR1620


  1. Jess says

    A very early and interesting format change. I have the last half hour of WMGM into WHN. The quality is the same as this, but complete.

  2. Joseph says

    But didn’t WHN last only a few years as a middle-of-the-road format, nowhere near as popular as it’s previous Top-40 incarnation, and flip to country??

  3. says

    I spent 8 years at WHN in the 1970s but never heard the format change from WMGM. Thanks for this. And I always loved the original WHN jingle package. Never could find a complete copy…

  4. Ross says

    it made sense to get out of a 4-way top 40 battle with WINS, WABC, and WMCA at that time but I’m wondering if the change back to WHN and good music had something to do with George B. Storer who ran Storer Broadcasting, parent company of WMGM.

    • David says

      Probably not, as Storer Broadcasting was very successful with rock ‘n’ roll, as evidenced by Top 40 stations WIBG Philadelphia and WTIX New Orleans, to name just two.

      By the way, that “4-way battle” would have been a 5-way battle had WADO been Top 40 full-time instead of from morning drive to early evening or so from its late 1959 sign-on (with Italian programming in evenings and R&B and jazz (in that order) overnights [all left over from WADO’s predecessor WOV until new owners moved the R&B shows from daytime to overnights and replaced them with Top 40 shows] and gradually replaced the pop and rock programs with more African-American and Italian and later Spanish programming]) until ’63, when it began its (initially) mostly- (and now all-) Spanish format. Never mind that its signal perhaps asn’t quite strong enough to compete properly with NYC’s full-time Top 40 rockers (even though WADO and WMCA were both 5,000 watts??, I believe?).

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