• Myron Falwell says

      Ironically, they could have taken “The Lake” name, as Elyria-Lorain owned – and still owns – WLKR-FM in Norwalk, which sports its’ own AAA format, largely programmed by Dial-Global but voice-tracked locally. “Boom” was supposedly a second choice, to honor legendary WMMS announcer Len “Boom” Goldberg, but after CBS threw the cease-and-desist (allegedly, no one at Elyria-Lorain checked to see if there was a copyright) it went to “107.3 Cleveland”, then to “V-107.3″, and finally, “107-3 CLE” was sparingly used. The AAA format never had any consistent branding for the entire time it was on the air.

      The launch date was intended to have been a week later, right into the new year, but was hastened after news of the switch leaked early into WNWV’s corporate sister, the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. Thus, the 12 hours of a ticking clock, the inaccurate “WNWV HD-2″ ID and the (VERY) subdued intro.

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