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“93Q” KKBQ becomes “92.9 Easy Country”

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KKBQ stopped playing CHR/Rock at midnight September 19, 1991 and stunted with the sound of the ocean for 6 hours straight with a time check to “Houston’s newest radio station” every 15 minutes. (actually a few minutes after the ocean sounds began it appears that maybe the board operator rebeled against the flip because the music starts again, he manages to play about 4 songs before the sound of the ocean returns… I’ll send this one later) This file picks up on the minute before the launch. Then at 6am in a live remote from The River Oaks Country Club, the general manager says a few words (the same old spiel about “doing months of market research” and “this is what you asked for”) then does a countdown thats followed by a montage of country songs that feature the word “easy” launching the new 92.9 Easy Country.

Aircheck Courtesy of John Fernandez
Logos Courtesy of RadioEmporium.net

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  1. I remeber being in high school when this station changed to country. I came home from school one day and flipped on the radio to hear “Shameless” from Garth Brooks….man was I pissed.


  2. The death of another 80s CHR legend:(
    Marekt research my fat a$$
    Where have all the good stations gone?


  3. I remember when 93Q was stunting with Rock Hits. There were two articles in the paper that I remember reading. One about KKBQ’s drop in ratings and flipping to either oldies or country. Just the feeling that hung in the air.. waiting on that fateful day when it would all end. In that article they actually spoke to John Lander, and he summed it up best as he described it “..like a death in the family” I think it was personal to him because 79/93Q were his babies.. the original program director of KKBQ. That station was on top of the world during the mid 80s seems like. He seemed to put his heart and soul into it from things I have read… and then it all comes crashing down after his departure. But I heard its what the stations new owner (Gannett) wanted. They didn’t want a top 40 station to deal with, so they killed it

    In fact I found those articles online not too long ago (through wikipedia) from the Chronicles archives


    • Gannett already OWNED 93Q…in fact it was because of Gannett is why KULF went away…they had bought the station and on what became known as “Black Friday” in Houston, they announced everyone would be gone by Monday..Stevens and Pruett had already gotten the job at 97.1 KEGL Dallas and left town the next week…They rode the pony as long they could with the Top40 but the music changed and without the Q ZOO in the morning, it was something that was gonna happen..iirc, only KIKK FM was the main country FM (had KILT FM switched then? I was living in Conroe at the time and was shocked when I heard the country on 92.9)


  4. I still miss the 93Q playlists that I saw on the pages of Billboard magazine back in the 80’s. This current radio station still has no radio country countdown shows on the station. When is 93Q ever going to air a radio countdown show such as American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks on this station?


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