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New York

94.7 NashFM Launches

94.7 Nash FM NashFM Newark New York WFME WRXP WNSH Cumulus Country

Previous Format: Christian “Family Radio” WFME
New Format: Country “94.7 Nash-FM” WNSH
Date & Time Of Change: January 21, 2013 at 9:47am
More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

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  1. The only lame thing was they used the “This is Carrie Underwood, etc” that I have heard used on stations for years. What they should have donewas have those saying “This Carrie Underwood on 94-7, This is Toby Keith on 94-7, etc.


    • I assume Cumulus was trying to keep the format choice under wraps. If they’d told too many agents, recording engineers, and celebrities, the cat would’ve inevitably hopped out of the bag.

      I suspect more specific IDs will be on the way.

      The true tragedy will be the loss of 83 unique country stations, including a legendary station of 20+ years in my city — which will be stamped with the souless national “NASH” brand.


  2. Production was predictable and pedestrian. I always wince when new stations try so hard to image themselves as part of the fabric of the market. It comes off especially in this case as fabricated. The self-congratulatory read is so typical of radio’s old and worn ideas, not focused on the listener but on other radio people.


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