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San Francisco/San Jose

97.3 KCBS-FM Becomes The Rocker KRQR

97.3 The Rocker KRQR San Francisco KCBS-FM

Previous Format: Adult Rock “97.3 CBS-FM” KCBS-FM
New Format: Rock “97.3 The Rocker” KRQR
Date & Time Of Change: January 25, 1982 at 12:00am
More Info: Wikipedia

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  1. Ha!! That last song was Rick DERRINGER not Rick Springfield

  2. Ai Yi Yi!!! Not a good way to kick off “The Rocker!”

  3. The year was 1982, not 1983. 49ers won the Super Bowl on January 24, 1982.

  4. Oh crap! I was just about to go out and buy a Rick Springfield CD! lol

  5. Funny. The DJ said “The jingle you just heard, I tell you will be the last time hear KCBS-FM”. That is into 1991 when KCBS-FM landed on 93.1 in Los Angeles, and was an oldies station, still there today as JACK-FM with 93.1 KCBS calls.

  6. OMG! I forgot about Dirk muffing the intro to Rick Derringer! Well, nevertheless the station took off and we went from worst to first 18-34 by the Spring 1982 Book! I was happy and honored to be the first Midday ‘Rocker’ on KRQR which in time melded into “The Bay Area Rocker!” What a fine time that was for us all! I have a full aircheck of on my early shows on KRQR on my Linkedin profile mentioned below.

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