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California 103.1 Calgary Becomes Classic Hits XL103

California 103 CIQX CalgaryXL 103 CIQX Calgary

On March 3, 2008 at 3pm, NewCap Broadcasting’s Smooth Jazz “California 103.1” CIQX Calgary changed formats to Classic Hits as “XL103”. In accordance with Canada’s more strict licensing regulations, Newcap needed the CRTC to remove the clause in the station’s license requiring a specialty format in order to change the format.

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  1. I am sorry to see California 103 go. I really liked the music format and especially the Canadian content. I liked hearing what new Canadian artists were producing. I also liked the on-air personalities. The problem with the new format, is that it is just like listening to my MP3, with commercials. It is canned music, put together the day before and entered into the computer to run. There are no real people to listen to, except when Hal comes on to give the news, etc. I will also miss John Tesh.

    I am a baby boomer, and do enjoy the music from the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s, but I can get that on a number of different stations. California 103 offered a great alternative for when I didn’t feel like listening to the oldies.

    I will also miss John Beaudoin and Emma Harding. I shall miss the In-Studio and Artists Highlight. They added a facet to your radio station that was sadly missing from the rest. I was so impressed that Canadian artists were being highlighted and promoted on your station.

    I shall miss California 103.

  2. This recent format change is goofy! The last thing Calgary needs is another classic hits station. This once again illustrates the narrow minded legalistic myopia of the CRTC.

  3. I returned from vacation and the change shocked me. I really do not like the changes. I am now listening to other stations.
    You did not know that your station was our Easy listening music which was very helpful at my job, especially since we used it to calm staff and patients at times. Calmed me to! Why the changes? I would like an answer but more I would like it back!!! At least 60 % of it if not more.
    TO be now classic hits….to many of us, what you did play – they were our classic hits!

  4. Wow, I never thought such a format change would happen to such a niche station, but to tell you the truth I really like hearing Neil Diamond sometimes on there! this was a good decision to switch, to appeal to more people (like me). I like the music selection too, easy listening was good at work, but now I like to listen to this on the weekend!

  5. The production was well done, but off target. No passion,just some generic “soundtrack of our lives” cliche that played out like a bad made for TV movie trailer. Bernie, Watson, & Mack meeting at the pool in 2 hours.

  6. I am so sorry about the change to 103.1
    I miss the easy listening music and John Tesh in the afternoons.
    I will not be listening to classic hits….
    Bad move

  7. I moved from Calgary November 2007 and I’ve been listening to California 103 since and am so sad to see it gone. I live in the US and we are planning on moving back to ‘home’ in the future .. it kept us in touch with ‘home’.
    This doesn’t cut it!

  8. Boo! Now you sound like most other radio stations in Calgary. I am not impressed. I loved the light jazz, folk and instrumental music that you played. You were quite different. Now you are just a clone.

  9. This new format is old. Bring back California 103. Where is Emma Harding? Her voice was distinctive and I looked forward to her unique point of view. My favorite show was the John Tesh show. You had music unlike any other station. Now, sadly, it is just like EVERY other station. Yuck.

  10. No one could be more sad than me to California 103.1 go. I loved the smooth jazz and the relaxing music. I also loved the information from John Tesh and the sassy Emma Harding.

    I acutally started listening to 103.1 at Christmas time because it was the only station playing Christmas music. I was hooked! After Christmas was over I was still hooked. Then on that horrible day when I thought my fingers hit the wrong buttons, to my surprise I was horrified.

    Where! Why! How! 🙁

  11. Here here!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the comments already posted. I do miss California 103 as it was the only station in Calgary with some different music. I do agree that I miss the DJ’s and the easy listening music. John Tesh and Emma Harding were great!!!!!!!!! Hope this station comes back some time.

  12. I noticed that the people that are sad about the change are not from Calgary. For us that were born and raised here 1140 CKXL played a large part in our lives. I don’t believe that there is many people that just listen to one station and this is a great addition to Calgary. It doesn’t take me long to get tired of hearing the same song over and over again with it’s bad lyrics on todays radio stations. Long live XL!

  13. Thrilled with the new format and especially with Don & Joanne arriving on the 24th. Used to be a 95.9 lite follower but NO more. XL 103.1 is for me and also for many that I have let know where the classic morning duo are.

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