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Los Angeles

KHJ Goes Country

93 KHJ Los Angeles Boss Radio Country Urban Cowboy

Previous Format: CHR “93 KHJ
New Format: Country “93 KHJ
Date & Time Of Change: November 7, 1980 at 9:00pm
More Info: SoCal Radio History, Wikipedia

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  1. Wow this is classic. I know a little of the history of this station. I didnt know they did some time as a country outlet. Thats news to me.

  2. Was this a response to the Urban Cowboy phase we saw during that time?

    • Very much so. The SoCal Radio History link on the post delves into it a little.

  3. Yes it was. It lasted almost 2 and a half years. It switched back to Top 40/Oldies on April 1st, 1983.

  4. On April Fool’s Day.. Wonder if some thought the switch back was a hoax

    • Actually, yeah, some people thought it was a gag. But the announcement of the switch back said it was no joke.

  5. Thanks so much for posting the changeover! I was stationed in Long Beach in the late 60’s and always listen to KHJ. Years later in the late 70’s I moved back to LA and it was still going strong. Yes the Urban Cowboy craze took over but I just moved with it and continued to listen. The one jingle I have been looking for is “We All Grew Up To Be Cowboys” that Roseann Cash sang. They had an extended version and her voice is so great. This really made my day!

  6. Pay attention to Neil Rockoff and his announcement!

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