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St. Louis

“104.1 The Mall” WMLL flips from 80’s to Standards “Red 104.1” WRDA

wmll.png red.png

Summary by Mike Batchelor.

WMLL flipped to a format of “New Standards” on 1/8/04, after a week of stunting with a “Wheel of Music” playing cuts from many different formats. Previous to the “wheel,” 104.1 stunted with Christmas music throughout the holiday season starting on November 1, 2003.

WMLL “The Mall,” started in 2000 as an All 80s format. Gradually, WMLL morphed into a Hot AC format playing 80s & 90s pop, with no currents, with Steve & DC in the Morning. The station languished near the bottom of the ratings heap for its entire three year existence, despite having a high dollar, marquee morning show that once dominated the market.

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  1. Chuck Hillier did some good things with this format, but forgot to play the hit versions, instead focused on re-do versions of big hits. Tempo was too up, the vo chick was annoying & over the top & finally it sounded a bit too White.

    • How ironic seeing how they had the perfect role model for lounge in the market just ten years earlier, the late John McCormick.

  2. I can think of markets where “modern standards” could work. Regrettably, this promising format got its big test in a market where it was doomed to fail.


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