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KTBZ Moves To 94.5

94.5 KLDE Houston Oldies 94.5 The Buzz KTBZ Houston Alternative

Previous Format: Oldies “Oldies 94.5” KLDE
New Format: Alternative “94.5 The Buzz” KTBZ
Date & Time Of Change: July 18, 2000 at 8:00pm
More Info: Wikipedia

Following the merger of Clear Channel and AMFM, CC had to spin off some of it’s Houston stations and one of the stations it chose was 107.5 FM which was spun off to Cox along with 92.9 KKBQ and 97.1 KKTL. Through an agreement, Clear Channel gave the intellectual property of KLDE to Cox which moved the format and staff to 107.5 FM. Clear Channel moved it’s popular Modern Rock format of 107-5 The Buzz to the superior 94.5 signal after several weeks of on-air claims that “The Buzz is going off the air”. Buzz personalities all went along with the publicity complaining of how they would be unemployed shortly. A “Save The Buzz” concert was even thrown. For the most part, listeners actually fell for it. It wasn’t rare to see a car with “Save The Buzz!!!” written on the windows. The Buzz started the new frequency with a live concert from Stone Temple Pilots on the air. The new Oldies 107.5 launched with a commercial free weekend. The new oldies format at 107.5 continued a simulcast on 97.1, like 107-5 The Buzz did.

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