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WCBR Becomes 92.7 Kiss FM

92.7 WCBR Chicago Arlington Heights The Bear Cyber Radio 92.7 KissFM 92 Kiss-FM Kiss WKIE WKIF WDEK Chicago

Previous Format: Brokered “The Bear” WCBR/WBRO (Temporary Stunt Simulcasting KLYY Los Angeles)
New Format: CHR “92.7 Kiss FM” WKIE/WKIF
Date & Time Of Change: November 14, 1998 at 12:00pm
More Info: Wikipedia

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  1. good try for a challenged signal going up against the big boys. Clear Channel etc etc…

  2. “The Bear” just never had enough wattage to make it against the downtown stations. A shame the Peters sold the signal and the format had to change. The brokering at the end killed what our music director tried to do anyways.


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