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New York

WQXR Becomes X96.3 WXNY

96.3 WQXR New York Classical 105.9 Frequency Swap X96.3 X 96.3 WXNY New York Luis Jimenez WCAA

Previous Format: Classical WQXR
New Format: Spanish CHR “X96.3” WXNY
Date & Time Of Change: October 8, 2009 at 8:00pm
More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

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  1. Thanks for posting. I didn’t get to hear the Times Sign off with the final gong heard on WQXR forever because the new management does the Legal IDs differently with classical pieces for prerecorded IDs similar to how the former WGMS-FM 103.5 in Washington did their Legal IDs or with just the ID being read by the hosts with nothing being played in the background during DJ air shifts. The gong went away in WQXR history.


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